PAL brings talented and passionate people together to explore new ways of working and to make new work.

PAL began in 1989 with a Lab for writers for the stage. Since then we have tested and proved our cross-disciplinary experimental process for the development of talent and fostering new work across the arts, media and technology, science and education and cultural leadership.

PAL is a catalyst for innovative thinking and creative practice. We create conditions in which passionate people can push the limits of their imagination and challenge the limitations of the wider context in which they working.

We look for artists and other practitioners who are eager to explore and experiment with radical ideas to make new work which is not being developed elsewhere. By working together with people who would not normally have the opportunity to collaborate, PAL Labs produce unexpected and innovatory results.

Artists are at the heart of all of our Labs including our new PAL LabSchools© 

As well as making our own Lab programmes, we accept commissions which challenge and stretch our own practice. These are typically for Labs to develop specific new cultural policies, new creative processes and practice or new products. We welcome these opportunities!


'PAL is an expert construct with a light touch. Not to be underestimated and very hard to imitate. It is essential that British culture values and supports these opportunities since they are too rare.' Jude Kelly OBE Artistic Director Southbank Centre