PAL’s work benefits enormously from loyal Trustees and Associates who bring their experience, imagination, enthusiasm, networks and knowledge to support what we do.

PAL is governed by a voluntary board of Trustees, who meet on a quarterly basis. In order to deliver a dynamic portfolio of projects we work with a diverse group individuals who have specific expertise in our strands of work. The PAL team consists of an Artistic Director, Executive  Producer a Finance Manager and a team of Freelance Associates that support PAL to deliver its work across the UK and beyond, you can read more about or contact our Team here.

Former PAL Trustees and Advisors include:

Lord Attenborough CBE, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Gary Carter, Sam Clarke, Sir Richard Eyre CBE, John Faulkner, Mahlet Getachew Zimeta, Hilary Hodgson, Joyce Hytner, Edward Knighton, James Lee (Chair), Clare Lovett (Chair), Robert Loder CBE (Chair), George Loudon, Diana Napper, Louise Rice, Sally Sampson, Louisa Service, Elise Beckett Smith, Martin Smith (Chair), Sir John Tooley, Alfred Uhry, Caroline Underwood (Chair), Colin Vaines, Tim Waterstone and John Wates.




I found my two experiences as an attendee at PAL Labs so personally and professionally transformative that is was a great pleasure to me to act as trustee for several years, and to work as a Director on another LAB. PAL’s work is elusive and intangible - largely because its creative processes are resolutely financially unquantifiable. This is precisely as it should be. I am evangelical about these experiences. I only mourn the fact that PAL operates in a culture which is so obsessed with the quantification of outcome and benefit, usually in financial terms. Cultures of creativity are created within boundaries of risk taking, unpredictable, immersive experiences like PAL’s programmes of work. Overly predictive cultures, overly conservative ones, overly outcome-bound ones are fundamentally uncreative. PAL is one of the lone voices of creative culture in contemporary British public life, and should be applauded and supported. I am a lifelong supporter. Gary Carter