PAL’S first decade developed laboratories for emerging and established writers for theatre, film and opera and music theatre. Compelling stories, and inspired writers and artists are at the root of all PAL’s work.

In our second decade, supported by NESTA (2000-2005), we tested our experience to create new kinds of labs with a rich mix of talents across the performing arts and architecture, in new and old media and animation, and between artists, educators and scientists. With each new Lab, we at PAL give ourselves the same challenges that we give to each of our lab participants. We ask first that you imagine what it is that you most want to do, that you are not doing now. We ask you to explore and develop this desire and to consider the impact of your idea in a wider context. If you come to a lab you will be working together with other adventurous people to interrogate, to experiment, to explore and to take big creative risks. The lab environment offers a safe space for the unexpected to happen.

PAL LabSchools© is our newest international Lab programme, to be launched in the spring of 2013 . As well as making our own Lab programmes, we accept commissions which challenge and stretch the limits of our own practice. These are typically for Labs to develop specific new cultural policies, new creative processes and practice or new products. We welcome these opportunities to learn and to test our proven process with new people in new locations around the world.

Our current work falls into these five strands: PAL Arts, PAL Learning, PAL Youth, PAL International and PAL Impact.


PAL is a process of risk-taking, de-stabilisation, challenge and reinvention. PAL understands the process of creativity and puts in place the vital ingredients that will foster it. Susan Benn
PAL Founder and President