Making the Future Lab

Making the Future is a special one-day lab which took place at Contemporary Applied Arts in their new home – a recently refurbished former 1870s print-works in Southwark.

The Lab Director was Amanda Game and the event was produced by PAL Labs. The creative and amplified one day lab, for makers, curators and their supporters, which puts thoughtfully made objects, and the spaces they inhabit at the centre of a day of presentations, conversations and discussions about the role of craft in contemporary culture. The purpose of the research is to link embodiment, contemporary making and curating and explore the place of craft in contemporary social and cultural enquiry.

The day included presentations from Deirdre Nelson, James Rigler, Grant McCaig, Jim Partridge, and Janice Tchalenko, with contributions from award-winning film artist Matt Hulse and choreographer, Siobhan Davies.

You can see details of the event on our microsite here.

PAL is a unique and influential organisation... brilliantly imaginative and essential Thomas Ade's, composer