An Artist as Leader Lab in Progress in Scotland.

PAL Arts offer artists and other creative people time and space to ask bold questions, to push the limits of what they know, to reflect, to explore and experiment with radical ideas and creative practice.

PAL Arts Labs identify exceptional talent, generate new work across disciplines across the creative industries and the arts and humanities, influencing cultural policy and practice.

Artists involved in these Labs are expected to challenge their own practice and collaborate with others to generate new work and artistic practice.

Our recent Movement & Meaning Lab run by the late Gill Clarke MBE demonstrates how the PAL Arts strand aims to provide artists with the time and space they need to push boundries and explore new ideas. The Lab helped participants explore the question: ‘What might closer attention to the centrality of movement to our learning and relationships in the social world bring to current thinking and debate at the forefront of other disciplines, and what new ways of creative thinking and working might arise from a trans-disciplinary hothouse with movement at its centre?’ Outcomes of the Lab have include a proposal for the creation of Centres for Embodied Knowledge.



PAL is a creative sandpit for grown-ups, a passionate and liberating environment where artists from different disciplines can come together to challenge themselves and each other. What's more it works – as witnessed by the extraordinary quality of the work which has flowed from the Labs, and the long-term viability of creative partnerships first forged there. Nicky Singer
PAL Co-founder