Tramway World Café 2014: How can artists lead cultural change?

This event was PAL Labs second World Café event, designed to work collaboratively to understand how artists and creative practitioners (and their stewards– producers, curators, editors, publishers, technicians, and so on) can take a more prominent role in influencing the wider values, processes and activities beyond our sector, and with our own integrity, in our wider world.

The event took place at Tramway, Glasgow on 7th February 2014. Visit the microsite here.

Our overarching question for the day was:

What can we do to support artists to maintain their practice, integrity and enquiry while making that wider contribution to our meaning, values and process at this critical time in our personal, professional, national and global lives?

Artists and creative people can influence our values as much as reflect and manifest them. Do artists and the arts need to take a lead in this troubled world and do more than just exist and make in isolation? Are we, in the cultural sector, able to bring value to bear in a system in need of repair?


The speakers were:

  • Ruth Little: Director, Sea Change
  • Suzy Glass: Producer
  • Laura Eaton Lewis: Director, The Work Room
  • Vivianne Hullin: Producer, Glas(s) Ensemble
  • Fi Scott: Founder, Make Works
  • Sarah Preece: Sculptor and Organisational Engineer


Read the report: Tramway World Cafe 2014 Report: How Can Artists Lead Cultural Change?

Who's been to this lab?

Vivianne Hullin

Producer, Glas(s) Ensemble

Laura Eaton Lewis

Director, The Work Room

Suzy Glass


Sarah Preece

Sculptor and Organisational Engineer

Fi Scott

Founder, Make Works

Ruth Little

Director, Sea Change