PAL Screen India– ©Susan Benn

PAL International seeks to attract leading international talents to take part in its UK based Labs. Equally we invite artists and cultural policy makers from overseas to adapt the PAL process to meet local needs in their countries.

We have produced bespoke Labs over two decades with local partners abroad. British mentors and participants work together leading talented practitioners in Austria, Germany, Holland, Poland, Spain Scandinavia, Hungary, Greece, France, Italy, India, China and Africa.

PAL International is currently developing new Screenwriters Lab programmes for emerging writers and filmmakers working in India,  and Brazil through PAL Screen.

PAL’s new LabSchools© are for international students, arts graduates and adults coming from China and the UAE  and Qatar to Britain to take part in a unique language learning cultural experience.

Our LabSchools are channeled through PAL’s new trading company called PAL+ from which all profits go back into supporting PAL’s charitable objectives.


Time will tell whether a new day is dawning in South Africa's celluloid nation...SCRAWL directed by South African Filmmaker Liza Key is the sort of bold initiative needed for talented writers in a film industry which has been wary of taking risks. Johannesburg Mail and Guardian

Ed Note: PAL established the first series of experimental laboratories for South African writers of feature film in Johannesburg 1998, with Liza Key and PAL Lab Director, Colin Vaines.