Images taken from previous PAL Labs – ©Susan Benn

PAL Learning builds on sixteen years of cross-disciplinary research laboratories for teaching, learning and curriculum development across the arts, sciences and new technologies.

PAL’s current work in this field includes two strands of activity:

A Pedagogy of Curiosity – an emerging body of cross-disciplinary sensory research, begun in 2006, between neuroscientists, artists who use the sense as their medium and environmentalists and educators who are using sensory approaches to their practice. PAL’sexperimental approach is attractingresearchers, scientists and artists who aredeveloping sensory science communication projects with partners in France and Mexico.

The Comino Lab in Tipton at the RSA Academy – which links our research to working directly with young people to support the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Certificate (IBCC). The RSA Academy is one of the few schools in the world to be running this vocational version of the IB to equip students with skills required by employers.

Artists, animators, scientists, cross-platform media and curriculum researchers, teachers, educational policy makers and practitioners in new technologies, engineering, architecture and maths have taken part in PAL’s European Multimedia Labs (1995-2001), Creative Science Teaching and Digital Science Labs across the UK (2001- 2010). This experience is the basis for PAL’s current work in forward thinking educational research, policy and practice.

PAL methodology attracts institutions as well as small self-organized creative teams. Our digital science and cross-platform media Labs have been commissioned by the Open Society, the European Commission, the BBC, Channel 4, The Nuffield Curriculum Centre, the Wellcome Trust andadventurous local authorities across the UK. In1999, Lord Puttnam, founding Chair of NESTA (the National Endowment for Science Technology and Art awarded PAL over £1million (2000-2005). This generous award is anexample of what genuine reciprocity between funder and grantee can achieve. PAL significantly expanded our practice in science and education while contributing our experience in the arts to establishing NESTA and FutureLab at that time.



PAL's STEM Fluency Lab, commissioned by the Nuffield Curriculum Centre, produced innovative workable engaging projects focused on the 2012 Olympics. STEM Games explore fitness, fairness and the design of games and sports equipment. The Nuffield Curriculum Centre declared their Lab results in 2008 'generated enough good ideas in five days to keep us going for two years'. Nuffield Foundation