Still taken from Odilon Rocha's film Primetime Soap (2011)

PAL Screen Brazil

International laboratories for independent screenwriters and writer/directors of original feature film

PAL Screen aims to bring its expertise and experience to Brazil in an initial Lab for 6 writers, led by our partner the Brazilian filmmaker Odilon Rocha. Odilon’s first feature film Prime Time Soap (A Novela das Oito), a co-production between Cria Film(e)s and Universal Pictures, released in Brazil through Paramount Pictures in March 2012, won Best Screenplay in Rio in 2011.

Odilon Rocha’s company, Cria Film(e)s, straddles São Paulo, London and Berlin. A 2011 an article in Variety, explains the company’s aims. Cria Film(e)s founders include Stephan DuCharme, whose professional background reflects over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, including private equity and fund-raising. Rocha’s approach is to produce stories with international and contemporary relevance in partnership with the local talent of the three countries he lives in.

As PAL Screen’s first Brazilian Screen Lab Director, Odilon will create a bespoke programme in Brazil for six selected participants who will be announced at the Rio Film Festival in September 2013. The first 12 to 14-day residential phase of the Lab will take place in a rural location near either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in October/November 2013.

One of the greatest complaints we hear from the industry is the lack of good material. What we found is that what is missing is execution and funding to turn ideas into fully developed screenplays. So we have decided to invest our time and money to provide the industry with such material. Odilon Rocha