PAL International LabSchools© are immersive learning environments, designed for talented emerging arts and heritage professionals.

Our International Cultural LabSchools are bespoke and designed for emerging curators, artists, museum studies students and graduates. Each LabSchool lasts between 4 and 8 days and takes place in London, with an option to visit the Edinburgh Festival. LabSchool participants are able to select from a rich menu of cultural experiences ranging from visiting an artists studio to attending a live concert. Each LabSchool involves contributions from London’s leading cultural thinkers alongside visits to high profile museums and galleries.  The PAL methodology supports participants to ask critical questions about the arts, cultural consumption and participation, in a museum or gallery context.

If you would like to register for to attend our summer 2013 International Cultural LabSchool, or if you want to find out more please contact our Executive Producer, Rehana Mughal.


PAL International LabSchools© are unique, they are designed around the needs of each participant and provide the perfect environment to explore the most pertinent issues in the arts, in a dynamic city, rich with cultural experiences. Rehana Mughal