We are always happy to hear from creative professionals in all disciplines who want to push the limits of their practice and to challenge the status quo of the wider context in which they are working.

In 2012 we are particularly interested in working with partners who have little or no experience in creative approaches to collaborative practice and welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with like-minded institutions, organisations and individuals whose expertise, imagination and experience complement our own. Working in partnership helps us extend the reach of PAL’s work geographically and into new fields.

We work with many different kinds of people in many different ways to create new PAL Lab programmes. All our work starts with a conversation so please contact us with a brief outline of why you are interested in what PAL does in relation to how you want to develop your own work and we will get back to you.

A PAL Lab is personal, focused, curious and intense; driven by the ideas and passions of individuals with diverse talents, skills and experience. To create a new Lab we begin with a conversation to address a complex question. Sometimes we pose the question and other times people bring their questions to us. Susan Benn
PAL Founder and President